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Keeping your Chef Coats Clean and Bright

Being properly dressed is one of the core requirements of a professional chef. However, it goes beyond what you are dressed in. People want to have their food prepared by a clean chef so as to have a good feeling about the food you are preparing. If you show up with a torn and stained chef jacket, they might not enjoy your meal. In fact, if you are operating a restaurant, you might lose all your customers. Accordingly, chef coats must be clean and bright at all times. They are a symbol of mastery, professionalism, and an eye for detail.


But keeping the chefs coats clean is at times a challenge. They are often exposed to chocolate, grease, wine, tomato and more while working. In fact, they at times have blood on their jackets whenever they cut themselves. If chef coats were very cheap, replacing them with new ones every time they got dirty or greased would be an option. Unfortunately, it can be very expensive. You might end up spending all your profits of new chef coats.


The basic steps to keeping your chefs jackets clean and bright involves differentiating the different kinds of stains. Firstly, we have acidic stains which are caused by wine, chocolate, tomato, and coffee. Also, we have grease stains and carbon ones that result from soot or from carbon black in ink. If your chef coat has an acidic stain, you should consider treating it with white vinegar so that that you can later pre-soak and wash it.


Carbon stains require more attention since you are going to need a solvent based emulsifier that will be able to remove it accordingly. Dry cleaning solvents are not necessarily the best. In fact, you have to be careful with them since they easily cause fires whenever clothes having them are put directly into a drying machine. That said, you should pretreat the stain with the solvent, then rinse it severely after which you should allow it to air dry prior to washing.


However, it all comes down to the type of chef cat you purchase. The material used will play a significant role in determining the ease of stain removal. You have to invest in a good chef coat, probably a custom one that is well fitting, and you will forget about stain problems. Chef jackets for women and men are available for sale in various stores, and the right one is where there is a variety to pick from. Read more claims about chef coat at https://www.britannica.com/topic/cooking.